Jag skriver andliga och själsliga budskap som kommer till mej, texter och dikter, som jag främst publicerar på instagram, välkommen att följa mej på lenagabriella1111. Här kommer en dikt:


“The Yin and the Yang, dancing together since the beginning of time. Made together so they can never be apart, forever they live in eachothers heart. They know eachother so much more than anyone else ever will, that feeling of being totally understood is fulfilled. They are flowing together all around, their soulsong have the most magical sacred sound. Throughout the universe they find the most dreamy spaces, for them its freedom to fly to any places. Their crystalline unique essence is made of love and light, when they look into each others eyes they mirror that, its shining bright. They sense the other because they are together inside, always holding each other as man and bride. The explosion of love and knowing you are home, the feeling of completion vibrate loud like “OM”. The yin and the yang dancing together all along, Divine marriage and God is drumming on the most holy diamond-Gong!”